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The mechanical head-effects for the original creature were designed and constructed by Italian special effects designer Carlo Rambaldi. The Xenomorph has also featured heavily in numerous literature and video game spin-offs, including crossovers with other well-known franchises.

The species' design and life cycle have been extensively added to throughout each subsequent appearance, while continuing advancements made in the field of special effects technology have led to numerous variations in the creature's design. Xenomorphs are primarily solitary ambush predators, although they have been known to adopt swarm tactics when acting in larger groups.

The original Alien design is credited to Swiss surrealist and artist H. Giger, originating in a 1976 lithograph called Necronom IV and refined for the series' first film, Alien, in 1979.

It deliberately evokes many sexual images, both male and female, to illustrate a blurring of human sexual dichotomy.

HD channels are available with the subscription to the equivalent channel in standard definition. The High Definition Receiver, Digital Video Recorder, Ti Vo® and Ti Vo Mini promotions are valid only if the customer is a new Digital TV subscriber. The Cogeco Ti Vo service is an Internet-based service.

Approximately 1GB of data traffic will be consumed between the Ti Vo boxes and the Internet to supply programming information and this will be counted against a customer's monthly Internet usage limit. Access to the mobile apps requires a subscription to the TV package containing the associated digital channel. The content viewed on mobile apps requires bandwidth, which is included in the customer's Internet or cellular data package.

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" or "Wow, quitting your job like that really took a lot of ball".Everyone has to work – but what someone chooses to do in their free time can tell you a lot about them.Do you want someone who is out racing BMX bikes all weekend or someone who prefers to garden in their spare time?NOTE: If you are a woman reading this, first let me apologize: it was never my intention for this book to contain so much math.Second, I urge you to look at this document for what it is-apeice of fiction meant to entertain a broad audience through the prism of stereotypical gender differences.

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