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On the other hand, in certain parts of Mumbai, like Colaba and Bandra, wearing revealing western clothing is much more acceptable.

If you are from a western country like Canada, the U. K., Germany or Australia, you cannot come to India and expect that you will freely be able to do all the things you do at home.

Most of them stress that how you carry yourself plays a large part in your experience.

If you are confident, you are less likely to attract unwanted attention they say, and I agree.

The 25-year-old twins’ next plan is to scale the highest mountain in New Zealand — “We are planning to climb Mt. Worried about safety, parents discourage their kids.

Also, mountaineering is not a career option in India, unlike in the West.

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It will be a great opportunity for us — we hope to meet a lot of like-minded, free spirited people,” reveals Nungshi. When quizzed about the reason for the low number of women mountaineers in India, they say in unison, “There are a few factors.Customary routinely laws discriminate against women, both by denying justice to victims of violence and by dispossessing women from their shares in land and property.A number of laws that protect women from discrimination have also either inadequate, or have not been properly implemented.The framework of ‘women’s justice’ involves not only the prevention of specific forms of violence and discrimination against women, but also encompasses all other human rights, including the right to food and health; disability, housing labour rights; dalit/ tribal/ adivasi rights; environmental justice; criminal justice, etc.With this holistic vision of equality and gender justice, WJI works directly with poor and marginalized women as well as through legal education, advocacy and policy analysis to continue the struggle for women's rights.

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