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(Though there's no question about the double-entendre in Carol then imploring Tobin to "just put it in your mouth, jerk" when he balks at the confection's pink color.

Insert a beets/beats joke here.) It's all so light and frothy and fun – and then Rick's crew rolls back into town from Hilltop, the music abruptly stops, and things get back to normal. This is "The Walking Dead," after all, and what is this show about other than the slow, agonizing march toward yet another bitter battle for survival?

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He was thinking about you and your future when He divinely touched this land.

Prince Wendell is captured by the Evil Queen, who is his wicked stepmother and turns him into a Golden Retriever while her very own Retriever is transformed into Wendell.

In panic, the transformed Prince flees through the Prison and stumbles across a traveling mirror in the basement and is transported to New York City.

Children run past, gleefully clutching their Tupperware, as housewives smile in surprise and appreciation.

Carol even gets some flirting in with Tobin, making the line "I foraged a lot of acorns" sound sexier than it has any right to be.

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