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I have loved reading this website and it got me wondering why guys seem to focus on sniffing panties that have been removed from the wearer?

Wouldn’t you prefer to smell a pair of panties that are still being worn?

It should be hard to identify you IRL, but easy to send you money.

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If you have surely you agree they smell even better than the ones you find in a laundry basket?

For now I will tell you that I love extended foreplay, I’m imagining my man now, sitting half-dressed or naked on the floor while I tease him with my scent.For ladies, she suggests using websites like Panty Zoo, e Banned, Reddit or even just a Twitter account solely dedicated to the purpose to start marketing smelly inventory. Here are some pro-tips to promoting your free range “fromunda” cheese.For the love of god, do not use your real name during any part of selling underwear online.One of the easiest, most wonderfully perverted ways to do this is to sell your dirty underwear online. “But where do I even start,” you muse, realizing there are more pairs of underwear in the drawer than dollars.According to Internet panty seller Belle Morgan, there are tons of ways to market the goods. The trend appears to be more relaxed for men — probably because nobody is going to brag to their friends about buying a sweaty dude’s undies on the web. So, now you’ve got a site to start out, but what do you need to make these unmentionables marketable?

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