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The Cape government of the time and the Freemasons were so intertwined that the Cape Parliament used the masonic banquet hall as a venue from 1854 to 1884 until the old House of Assembly was completed.

Please attend if you can to make sure the library perspective is well represented among the domain scientists, repository managers, tool developers, and others that Dear All, In preparation for the 10th Plenary meeting in Montreal , we are looking for examples of articles or presentations on the topic of *library data service assessment*.It was the basis for a conference presentation and conference paper recently and seemed to strike a chord with the audience. ________________________________ Title: Media Content in Research Data Management Plans With all the information and literature available to us about the value and Dear All, Join us today for the webinar on FAIR Principles and Data Management Planning by Hugo Besemer, Information and Data management Specialist at Wageningen University & Research Date: at CEST Access link: Please read more about it here A kind reminder to you all and apologies for cross-posting.Join us next Monday for the webinar on the data citation roadmap for scholarly data repositories!allow us to examine the working practices of the Republic of Letters and reconsider how to judge a scholar’s merits in a historical context other than our own.First appointed professor of history and rhetoric at a provincial Athenaeum in Deventer (1668), Cuper subsequently became Rector of the institute (1672), burgomaster (mayor) of the city (1674), a delegate of the city to the meetings of the provincial States (the States of Overijssel), a delegate of the province to the States General of the Dutch Republic (1681-1694) and finally, for that highest governing body, a commissioner in the field during the War of the Spanish Succession (1706).

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