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He graduated from Dalton School taking political science as major.He was also intern of Central Intelligence Agency during his college.Talking about his personal life, he mostly avoids discussion of his private life. He has said that he would come publicly with his boyfriend after the same sex marriage is legalized. claiming the former "View" host was talking out of her lying, irrelevant ass when she claimed Anderson's gay announcement was a ratings ploy. if he felt any different after coming out publicly back in July.Globe-trotting, Emmy-winning journalist Anderson Cooper, the son of heiress and designer Gloria Vanderbilt, has long cultivated a steady persona, whether as an on-camera personality appealing to a broad range of TV viewers, or as a reporter in dangerous, war-torn regions persuading reluctant sources to open up to him.In either scenario, Cooper’s inquisitive, earnest approach feels tinged with a certain world-weariness — a savvy combination of birthright and experience that has propelled the 49-year-old New York native to the highest levels of his industry. “A lot of people come up and say, ‘I’d love to go out for a drink with you,’ ” Cooper said over the phone from New York City last week.

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He has always spoken his mind so, although he officially came out as gay in 2012 it was like a secret that many people could have guessed and hence would not be surprised.

It seems that empowerment has led people to be no longer afraid of the traditional thinking of their physical and sexual orientation.

Maybe this is the reason why so many celebrities have been coming out recently.

Jake frequently left Jericho for supplies or information and on other missions—including rescuing his brother from New Bern, training the Rangers in gun skills, and defending the town from Ravenwood, a private military company, and the New Bern Army.

Although he is impulsive, he is also intelligent, often coming up with ideas that help the town.

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