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Jeremy Laray Tate was arrested in Waco after showing up at a Fed Ex location to claim a package containing more than ten pounds of drugs.Police were tipped off by store employees, who noticed the package was improperly sealed and exuded a strong marijuana odor.

He doesn’t shake hands with me, as a woman, but he is polite, makes eye contact, apologizes for being late, cracks jokes and even flirts a little with my young producer.But as the election season kicked into high gear, politics dominated our headlines.Thankfully, the country rallied around an unlikely “outsider” with a unique path to the White House who wasn’t afraid to tell voters the truth. And as Trump fever swept over Texas Republicans—and Democratic politicians remained as uncommon as live armadillos in the daytime—it left all of us hoping for the same thing: for 2017 to get here as fast as possible.his blue eyes, brown hair and beaming smile, young Michael Delefortrie looked every inch the angelic altar boy.But fast forward twenty years, and Michael had changed his name to Younnes, traded his Christian faith for Islam, and the sleepy Belgian suburb he’d grown up in for the front lines of ISIS’ war in Syria.

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