Beyonce and sisqo dating

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Sisqo, meanwhile, is prepping the January release of solo albumwith a pair of singles: the club-friendly "A-List" with Waka Flocka Flame and bedroom ballad "Lips." The affable singer discussed some of his more unusual career highlights. Yeah, see I was a businessman even then because I got us all jobs at the Fudgery, and because we had to sing, we used to utilize that work time for rehearsal we would get paid. Instead of singing Jodeci's "Forever My Lady," we'd say "Forever the Fudgery." Why didn't you sing "Fudgever My Lady"? That sounds like you're trying to take the Hershey Highway. Dude, selling fudge is not the coolest thing in the world. I have no idea, but it's good to keep it alive. You appeared on the actual Did you tell producers that story to get an advantage? The producers asked me to be a part of the show and I said, "Hey, I'm not married" and they didn't mind that. He hasn't, but I know he knows about it and said he was a fan of my music.

Dru Hill is listed on the website of the fudge chain the Fudgery. Fudgery Fudge was a minimum-wage job that we had in Baltimore before we got into the music industry, where you make this candy and sing songs simultaneously. If you could make that cool, and we did, it was the first lesson in show business. You mean like there'd be a Caucasian group that sings soul called White Fudge or White Chocolate. There's a strange video of the group getting back together on the radio and then breaking up again 10 minutes later. Me and the other celebrity didn't really know each other like that. They put me on as the season finale and our episode was the highest rated of the season. If you had to pick one song on the new album to highlight, which would it be? If we do a video, he said he'd love to be a part of it.

On the 15th anniversary of Aaliyah’s death, Beyoncé shared an old video of herself interviewing the R&B icon at the 2000 MTV Movie Awards.

We hadn't gone to sleep that night and Nokio decided he wanted to drink 50-year-old scotch. You got one guy that's still drunk and another who's an artistic type, so it just looked weird when they started fighting. The "content" section of the "Thong Song" Wikipedia page simply says, "The song is about women who wear thong underwear and bikini bottoms." Is that accurate? It was actually about one particular woman that wore a thong that made me have to write a song about it. No need to make them famous because we're not together anymore, so it's a wrap for that. Right before "Thong Song," I was dating one celebrity while she was dating this other celebrity and then me and that celebrity swapped. One of the ones I like is a song called "David Blaine." It's about explaining to your significant other or whoever your lover is at the moment that the experience you have with her is going to be so magical that you're going to think, "My name is David Blaine." Are you a fan of magic? If we were in the same room, what magic trick would you do? Yeah, or make him listen to the song for three days straight and see how he feels. Make sure there's an air of sexiness to the whole interview.It’s a video from way back when, in which she briefly got to interview Aaliyah on the red carpet for the 2000 MTV Movie Awards.At the time, Queen Bey was still in Destiny’s Child.It’s clear that the two interact just like old pals, and it’s adorable that they both can’t wait to see D’Angelo perform live.Second, it’s sweet to know that no matter how much Beyoncé’s career has grown since 2000, she still remembers the people who helped her shine, and who inspired her to continue making incredible music. It’s simply an A blast from the past — I mean, Sisqó was helping run the red carpet as well. Here’s the full video, which shows Aaliyah beaming over her Gucci shoes, and sharing a bit more about her upcoming projects.

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