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A) Jumper Start (2 pushes) B) Crouch Start (3 pushes) C) Bow-Touch-Go Start (4 pushes) D) 3 Point Start (5 pushes) E) 4 Point Start (6 Pushes) F) Push Up Start (7 pushes) G) Various Starts with a Light Sled (8-10 pushes) H) Block Starts (various pushes)In section 6, the acceleration movements go in order from shortest to longest, easiest to hardest, as well as getting closer and closer to the ground.

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And then the word speed as a verb, which reminds me of accelerating to top end velocity.

For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get back words like "gazellephant" and "gorilldebeest".

Enter "south america" and "chess" and you'll get back words like "checkuador".

On the first day of track practice each year, the athletes and I work on proper acceleration.

This action is the first part of every sprint race.

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