Dating bites

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Don't fake-hate (or just hate in general) it when we touch you with our hands. We have a great appreciation for gloves because they hide our hands and leads us away from temptation. Don't be weirded out if we hide our hands under the table or fidget a bit when we're sat at the dinner table. Just FYI, nail polish isn't a good present for us either and we probably won't wear it because it only draws more attention to our horrible little falangies.15.

It's not contagious and let's face it, you should just be happy we're touching you. We relate to this drawing on an emotional level:feature about things you should know before dating a girl who picks her hang nails. One day we will have wonderful, beautiful model-esque hands, but until that day, give us a break and be nice to us, yeah?

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The following teams each produced a film project in the Peace Region as part of the second annual Frantic48 filmmaking competition in April 2015.

Not all films have been shared online, which is 100% at the discretion of the filmmakers, so this selection is incomplete.

has teamed up with, Today show’s online home, to reveal singles’ dating do’s and don’ts on the ever-so-important dinner date!

Real, good Turkish delight is soft, slightly chewy, and lightly fragrant.

We usually see the most common variety, flavoured with rose water, but there are many other possible flavours: orange blossom, cherry, vanilla, mint, mastic, or even chocolate.

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