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Later it became known as Oxford Road and later Mt Dandenong Road, some time in the early 1900s.Owing to the coarse silvery-white grass, the area now known as Croydon was first called "White Flats". We have an eclectic music taste thanks to Thursday Metal nights at the Black Sheep (RIP)5.We're pretty sure we knew Nandos before you did.14.At the 2011 Census, Croydon had a population of 23,553.Dating back to 1840 the land was first utilised by settlers for grazing and the first road cut through the area now known as Croydon, was initially known as Sawmill Road, as a sawmill was nearby.

I like to go bushwalking, riding my bike and swimming. im a larger girl but my personsslity id amzing, you could call me the extrverted clown of my crew!!

When we're around other people from Croydon, we have a tendency to drop our Ts and slip in a few more 'inits'7.

We also have a great Snake Bite drinking ability thanks to the Black Sheep's Pound a Pint nights (RIP)6.

If you lose us after a night out, you will find us in Roosters Chicken - and before you say it.3. We're very proud of the fact that Croydon has a Tiger Tiger (Still alive) - that basically makes us a city right? Don't get us started on Croydon's city status - ROBBED13.

We know all the words to Living on a Prayer thanks to Saturday nights at Walkabout (RIP)11.

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