Dating engagement marriage timeline

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After basking in the newly-engaged bliss for a few days, I started thinking about the nitty-gritty details of planning a wedding.

I instantly felt overwhelmed—and totally out of my element (I wish I worked at back then! But, if you give yourself sufficient time to plan, you can avoid that stressful, panicky feeling that you're behind schedule.

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Daniel and I aren’t very good at keeping secrets and surprises from each other.

The average age of marriage across the United States for the same time period was 23.6 for women and 25.8 for men*, so the men and women in this sample were 3 to 3.5 years older on average at the time of marriage.

I suppose the relatively high average age of marriage in the sample would explain a curious personal experience that I once had that has never been repeated at other weddings I’ve attended.

They immediately struck up a friendship, but Joe admitted he fancied the mum of two back then, but obviously the timing just wasn’t right.

The public caught wind of their budding romance when they were seen enjoying a weekend away together.

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