Dating ru has an english version xxx dating software

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Yandex's roots trace back to 1990, when Arkady Volozh and Arkady Borkovsky founded the company Arkadia, which developed MS-DOS software for use in patents and goods classification.

Their software featured a full-text search with Russian morphology support.

If only you would know how terrible Russians translate the game I'm from Ukraine and I play games only in English just to feel the atmosphere of the game.

I do not ask for full list of languages to exist in RU/CIS version, but just English one.

Please write about bugs you find to the appropriate topic (if no other topic matches, write to Other bugs.

Sign up to Russian Cupid today and create your own personal ad - your Russian romance is just a click away.I don't like the fact what you're forced to buy a region-locked game (needs citation, might be wrong in this one) with language lock too.So you''re getting modified game, sure edited by official team, but it's not original anymore.You can switch to English interface in My Settings (There you can also return to Russian (or Ukrainian) interface.

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