Delicious rss feed not updating Nudist campsex

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According to the devpages the feed is supposed to take a ? I have a greasemonkey script that automatically bookmarks pages I leave comments on.

I'd planned to use delicious as it seemed easier but they seem to have pulled the api that would let me do this ...

Tightening up the API and getting more commercial are not only unsurprising, but possibly essential for Delicious to support its current services and whatever it may have planned for the future.

Delicious illustrating its blog post with a GIF featuring dynamite wicks on its logo also seems to point to how the company itself views the significance of the news.

The main reasons for the API update appear to be general security and stronger control of Delicious data by Delicious itself.

The existing version 1.0 of the API does not require developers to provide authentication when making API calls, “essentially enabling them to access public information from the Delicious API without us knowing who they are,” save for IP address.

I assume that you have other media files in your layout, the region with longest duration is important: When working with Xibo layouts, it's important to understand how media duration affects the playback of your layout.

For example, a layout setup like this: Layout A Region 1: Image 1 (10s), Image 2 (10s) Region 2: Text 1 (5s), Text 2 (2s) When that runs, region 1 will show Image 1 then Image 2 because it's the longest running region on the layout.

all the changes 'on the fly' while the layout is running.For many of us that have long used Delicious, there was an instant outpouring of sadness and frustration, and a scramble to identify alternatives.For my part, I have thousands of Delicious bookmarks, a record of a decade's worth of surfing and saving.It appears that Delicious, one of the oldest tools in my web tech toolbox, may be closing (or, as Yahoo has just said, may be sold).A leaked slide from a Yahoo all-hands meeting hit Twitter yesterday, showing that the company plans to "sunset" the social bookmarking service.

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