Dream dating ciara

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Future has said in past interviews that his music is not necessarily the truth, nor is it a direct reflection of his personal life.

In fact, in a January interview with while he was sober.

"It's always been my intention to have my own clothing line," she told . It's all about timing and making sure I have everything set up, but I've definitely always had a goal to have my own line and to be successful with it." Fashion is not the only dream that has come true for the singer.

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Wearing pieces from fashion's top designers like Versace, Yvy and Jimmy Choo is just another day at the office for the IMG Model; who's also the current face of Roberto Cavalli's autumn/ winter campaign and one of the major celebrities working with Keds on their "Ladies First Campaign." The "Body Party" singer revealed her hopes to have her own clothing line featured on a Milan runway for Fashion Week one day.

But this time around, Shilstone is not playing Zack Brady back from the dead (which would be difficult, seeing as how the child’s liver was donated to an ailing Claire).

He’s playing Wyatt, a good-looking young man who is romancing Bo and Hope’s daughter, Ciara, after they met on a dating app.

Within seconds, the Internet erupted with mixed levels of support and similar degrees of vitriol.

In particular, many Black men on social media expressed their frustration with her relationship, mainly because her beau is white.

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    Bianca is also the co-creator of the mediation retreats: Characteristics of an Intuitive Person and is committed to sharing her conscious lifestyle to support women’s empowerment.