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Well be watching and taking action when these things happen, Swiatkowski said. Royal Oak police are investigating break-ins and thefts from nine vehicles that owners reported last week.All the incidents were reported over a two-day period ending July 8.It’s the Sex-Ed you wish you’d had - Hannah talks all things sex, love and relationships.

This discussion is critical because it provides the opportunity to break through the myth that rape is really just a regretted sexual experience.

It comes as no surprise that drunkenness and sex often go hand in hand, that many students feel they would not be able to have sex with just anybody without the alcohol, and that the hookup often starts on the fraternity party dance floor.

What is surprising is the intentional lack of emotions allowed after the sexual encounter has taken place, with students deliberately acting cold toward each other after sex.

From sexual and romantic behavior in the 1920s, to the gay enclaves of Chelsea and Greenwich Village in the ’70s, Wade reveals why a “hookup culture” has emerged in university settings, how people both engage and abstain from it, and why it pressures people to “have fun” and play by the “rules” of having sex—which, more often than not, benefit men over women.

doesn’t just explore these problems with a close lens on gender and sexuality studies.

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