Fedorov dating

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The wedding was reportedly attended only by the couple's parents and Fedorov's brother, with the register office being hired for the whole day so that no one would see them.

But it seems that Anna Kournikova, the blonde Russian tennis player-cum-model, did secretly marry her long-term boyfriend, the ice hockey star Sergei Fedorov.

They later briefly married, although Kournikova has denied that happened through the said.

“That kind of freaked me out.”" data-reactid="23"Later, that friendship became a romance.

TORONTO — Despite their busy travel schedules and tendency to be missing teeth, professional hockey players don’t seem to have any trouble scoring themselves famous girlfriends and wives.

Some of these off-ice relationships are enduring (See Wayne Gretzky and actress Janet Jones, who will celebrate their 25th anniversary this summer) and others are decidedly short-term (See Alanis Morissette and ex-Senators player Mike Peluso or tennis pro Anna Kournikova and both Pavel Bure and Sergei Fedorov).

"It's not even an issue for me at this point," Fedorov said.

In the back of the room was an older man, looking down at his shoes while Fedorov and two other Hall of Famers – Nicklas Lidstrom and Phil Housley – explained how he impacted their lives.

Detroit Red Wings and Buffalo Sabres coach Scotty Bowman, a Hall of Famer in his own right.

At the time of the wedding reports it had seemed as though the relationship had cooled, with Kournikova reportedly accepting a £1 million diamond ring from one of Fedorov's ice hockey rivals, Pavel Bure.

More recently she has been linked with the singer Enrique Iglesias and made a guest appearance on one of his pop videos.

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