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He is now solely responsible for the transmission of knowledge that has gone uninterrupted for 74 generations now. Master Ni's many works include enlightening spiritual books like Workbook for Spiritual Development of All People, and Tao, the Subtle Universal Law and the Integral Way.

Master Ni also published I Ching The Book of Changes: And the Unchanging Truth.

Shifu Yan Lei is a Shaolin Monk who has dedicated his entire life to training and performing various feats.

Several dating Web sites and social-networking apps recently announced that they have been conducting secret experiments on users.And while they undoubtedly look stunning they have also provoked something of a debate among fans.After Nigella posted a picture on Instagram to promote new show Nigella: At My Table, showing her stirring a pot in the slinkiest of black dresses, some fans seemed mystified how the woman who has always insisted she never diets has suddenly become so svelte.Mayweather has been gearing up for the biggest fight of his career by chopping wood with an axe, Rocky-style, outside his Las Vegas mansion.The American believes this “throwback training” helps to develop his strength endurance and explosive force but also nourishes his focus and motivation by reminding him of his raw early training sessions as an amateur.

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