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Had I not spent several years in denial about my sexuality, it would have been the thing I would have gravitated towards immediately as a source of comfort, something that wasn’t weighed down by some saccharine notion of what “coming out” was, a piece that wasn’t tied to the tragic notion of being queer.Another Gay Movie, in all of its lubricated glory, was kind of wonderful for its mix of earnestness about sex and its winking self-awareness about teen sex in film.Save yourself some time & click on the bonus footage, it's waaaaaay more interesting than the actual movie.1 hr 28 min Follow the movie on Facebook Plot Summary In 1950s America, three friends -- David (David Arquette), Joe (Jonah Blechman) and Tim (Jason London) -- get it in their heads to pull a prank in honor of their high school graduation.He says elsewhere in the film to Russell (Tom Cullen), “…They shove it down our throats all the time: Being straight.Straight story lines on television, everywhere – in books, on billboards, magazines, everywhere.” At the moment, it’s invariably changing, albeit marginally, but, generally speaking, queer people still have to learn how to be queer. And yet, it occurred to me very recently that a film as “lowbrow” as Another Gay Movie it could also be considered one of the most important films of the last two decades, well-deserving of a secure place in queer canon.What’s most important is that Carbonaro knows how to keep a secret …He tells us: The World Famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles has truly been a great support system for Carbonaro.

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While the Brooklyn-born director often shows a surface fascination with the frazzled postmodern condition, à la the films of far chillier contemporaries such […] Comedian-turned-actor Judah Friedlander (“Zoolander,” “American Splendor”) wears a lot of hats, and that’s not to say he’s bogged down with multiple titles.

The Magic Castle is an exclusive showplace for the greatest magicians on the planet.

Carbonaro was actually fortunate enough to perform at The Magic Castle very early on in his career.

Either through the clichés of musicals or Will & Grace, the performance of being queer is not as much of a de facto narrative to be learned as the straight one. Many a queer film covers the Coming Out narrative primarily through tropes, in continually less interesting ways, but few blend it in seamlessly and make it feel “natural” to the film, something that any queer person seeks in their life: to be seen as natural and human as anyone else.

And, formatively, for straight people, the easiest way to discover one’s sexuality as one is on the brink of pubescence, is through sex comedies. There’s a lack of these comedies from a female perspective, but there are, at the very, very least, female characters that are given a role in those comedies. Jokes about bodily functions and bodily fluids are plentiful. I saw Another Gay Movie after I had already come out as bisexual.

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