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Unlike is superficially ripe for the screen: its prose is digestible, its story arc simple, and its action extremely camera-friendly even as it takes up its predecessors’ themes.Yet the book’s notorious erotic journey is, in ways, a distraction. This version places a stronger accent on Lawrence’s obsession with the restorative power of nature and makes its lovers less wounded philosophers and more liberated adventurers. They stared at him a moment, and turned away, muttering to one another. Connie knew it all, and accepted it far more inevitably than Clifford did.There’s enough sex in Lawrence’s scandalous masterwork that I could find ten—yes, ten—things said after sex that you really wouldn’t want to say today.Some are said by men, some are said by women, but both sexes should avoid pretty much all of them.Though the longest of the three versions, more than the bodice-ripper it’s been so often pegged as. Certainly, Ferran doesn’t do much to allow the viewer to understand or imagine the conditions in which a weird passion could foment in a doomed milieu.Even the flower-power second version features a section in the ninth chapter that delineates the relationship between the English aristocrats who own the coal mines and the poor workers who line their pockets, and how that relationship has been altered by industrialization: “Mining had become less and less a personal affair, it was part of scientific industrialism, with the artisan hordes on the one hand, the exploiting capitalists on the other. Yes, the film makes mention of the First World War, the epochal bloodletting that haunts the entire book, in the opening scene introducing Clifford (Hippolyte Girardot), Lady Chatterley’s husband, who’d been paralyzed in the war and can no longer have children.

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So after a few times of this, apparently he’s had enough and retorts with the above line.

Boys, the rule is never to talk about the woman’s orgasm right after she’s had it, much less criticize how she gets herself there (especially if you’re a Señor Speedy! Be thankful that she can come with you, by hook or by crook!

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