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To get your wheels turning, ponder these samples: verb?

In the following examples, the writer included either a copy of his book or a synopsis of his story (a nail-biting experience for any author! If hitting “send” leaves you in agonizing suspense too, consider something like this: The sign-off options are virtually endless when you choose the prepositional phrase.

I present to you (tongue-in-cheek, of course) these nifty phrases in five fabulous categories! ” If you’re an adoring fan or a steadfast subscriber, don’t be shy—say so!) for notes to the family and close friends, but other email recipients leave me stumped.How should I close a letter to a magazine editor, a volunteer coordinator, or the church secretary?Whether no one ever taught you dining etiquette or you've forgotten what you learned, here are some tips to show that you know how to behave at the table.Using proper etiquette at the table will also help you socially and professionally in a restaurant or in someone's home.

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