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Our next council meeting - where we plan our schedule for the next couple of months.

We would love to hear your ideas - for speakers (do YOU have a speciality you can talk to us about?

read more SJ offers some handy advice to find a date online.

Add in some specifics, such as a desire to find someone who shares your Jewish background, and hard can become near impossible.Being pretty sure that if you don't pull twice at Koko, you've basically failed.11. Turning it on at a bar/bat mitzvah, while surrounded by children and feeling creepy. Spotting someone cute at a shiva, and then knowing you're a bad person.15. Swiping yes to people you already know just to say hey. Trying not to look when JSwipe suggests someone you're related to. Struggling with whether to swipe yes to someone you took on camp.26. Also knowing this does not necessarily rule them out. Understanding that when guys say they are "tall", this is a relative term.34. Trying to be chill while subtly working out how religious they are. Assessing suitability as a life partner based on their attitude to cheeseburgers. Confessing the naughty Jewish things you've done, way earlier on than is appropriate, just to see how shocked the other person is. Finding doing this nerve-racking, but also quite fun.46. Realising you're going to have to resort to online dating. Your parents offering to pay for a JDate subscription. Being tempted until you discover no one young uses JDate any more.18. Discovering that there are cute Jews you don't know: the French. Having to forget about holding any physical preferences that aren’t short/dark/hairy/curvy. Finally getting to a first date, going somewhere kosher, and knowing everyone there.36. And you know you’re on to a winner if the boy brings his tefillin to dinner. Once the first date is done with, if it didn’t go well, you will see them at the next simcha/Jewish event you go to.48. They’re just not asking what your grandparents will ask – when are you getting married already? The great thing is, make it past the first few dates, and all you have to do is get two Jews to agree on stuff for the rest of their lives. Someone Jewish, is aimed at all sections of the Jewish community who are looking for their special more Someone, the UK's premium online Jewish dating service has kicked off the new year with the placing of the biggest poster promoting something Jewish in recent years.

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