Microsoft outlook shared calender not updating

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Yeah, you're probably right - I just copied the content from the link.My own setup is through Google (Exchange), so I have all in sync over the air with Push on my i Phone, and normal refresh in my local client. My i Pod Touch was syncing with calendar entries from Outlook 2007, but Outlook 2007 wasn't syncing with appointments entered on my i Pod calender.Give it a name then you’re ready to move on to the next step.Now that you have the calendar ready, follow these steps to set up shared permissions in Office 365 for users who are not part of your organization.There are also times when I need to overlay or even merge multiple Outlook calendars.These days, it’s not uncommon for people to have multiple calendars.This will bring up a context menu with options for the calendar you selected.You have control of what details on your calendar can be seen by others.

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Note, some application settings may need to be adjusted to meet your preferred sync refresh increments.We’ll start by creating a new calendar that we will then share with outside users.In the left side of your Outlook calendar, click the plus sign next to “My Calendars.” This will add a new calendar to the bottom of the list.Outlook 2016 allows access to Conversations, Calendar, Files and Notebook.However, it's not possible to view a Group Calendar in the Calendar pane, which means that you cannot display side-by-side calendar views with any other Outlook/Share Point calendar.

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