Nail chronology as an aid to dating old buildings

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(It should also be noted that in Erica James's entry on keyed stretcher designs, III.B.1, in which the Buck terminology is used, the figure captions have been keyed by number to the illustrations in this section for the alternate terminology).

The batholith has been dated as Late Cretaceous in age.

Hundreds of photocopies later, Buck's paper now often includes the photocopied notes of our teachers and mentoring conservators from whom the paper was borrowed and copied.

In 1992, Alexander Katlan reprinted an edited version of Buck's paper, thereby allowing it to be read and used by a wider audience. Buck's handout was made, that some of the terms used to describe stretcher joints are at variance with the terms used by furniture conservators and decorative arts scholars for similar joints used in cabinetmaking.

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