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Mindfulness is so effective at helping preschoolers, high schoolers, survivors of breast cancer, parents of kids with autism, and just about everybody else that it has inspired a counter-take or two.Now there’s evidence that dispositional mindfulness — or a tendency to attend to what you’re doing and feeling — can help your relationships, especially when they get rocky.(It should be noted, again, that this is a study of mindfulness, or noticing your internal and external world, which is different, though related, to an actual mindfulness practice.For a book-length survey, read Ellen Langer, the Harvard psychologist who drove the field.Once New Yorkers exhaust apartments, subways, and careers, party conversation inevitably turns to the suckitude of dating in New York City.It’s the narrative engine of at least three of television’s most successful sitcoms and the subject of an endless supply of hand-wringing transplant takes.But, for all the misadventures of Ross, Joey, Jerry, and Elaine, there’s little explanation as for in.

Here’s how it works: You post the date you want to go on (i.e.In honor of Valentine’s Day, Science of Us is spending this week talking about love — specifically, what happens when it goes wrong.If you ever wondered about the psychology of breakups, we’ve got you covered.The researchers asked a group of newlyweds and a group of longer-lasting married couples about their preferences for a partner (everything from height to personality), as well as their “mate value,” or how much of a catch they were.The newlyweds were rated on their mate value by independent researchers, while the long-term married couples rated themselves and their partners.

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