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As far as I can tell, most men's approach to clothing coordination consists of "grab the nearest thing that goes on fastest." My husband would walk around in his dressing gown all day if that was compatible with health & safety on the worksite.

Three might be a crowd, but it was the perfect number for Eva Longoria on Saturday.

In the past few months, NYC men have ditched track pants for compression leggings, dubbed “meggings,” to stay warm and look cool while exercising outside.

We caught up with seven men in Central Park about the skintight look.

There’s a lot of nostalgia in aging America – nostalgia for a time when… So, with the return of the lauded series “Mad Men” to TV and computer screens this month (season 6 starts on the 7th; Netflix recently made available season 5), we’re taking a look back at the world of women as portrayed in the commercials and print advertisements of the 1960s – the era of “Mad Men”‘s Don Draper and the burgeoning ad industry.

What we saw was even more pronounced than “Mad Men”‘s portrayal: In the ’60s, boobs were so powerful, they could force hapless men to buy everything from shoe polish to Xerox copiers – even ovens. Take a look at this collection of “Mad Men”-era ads – a sometimes fun, often creepy stroll down Memory Lane.

) "All put together, it looks like there's a bit more empowerment and independence for women," says Anita Gandhi, Vice President of Strategic Services at Experian Marketing Services, which provided the data.

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Sure, they can look nice enough and are just the thing for hot weather or piping the battle-weary across Culloden Moor (though as often as not they look like shapeless sacks and kilts are on the downswing of the fashion pendulum).Skirts, naturally, and usually of the generous cut and stain-hiding print that Sienna Miller made briefly fashionable back in 2003.Given all those advantages, it's strange to me that skirts are still considered (aforementioned kilts aside) an exclusively feminine garment.With the financial collapse of 2008 behind us, and an economic recovery underway, buying trends for women have had their own kind of renaissance.Over the past five years, key fads have gone by the wayside (so long, diet foods) while other purchasing trends have taken center stage (hello, student loans!

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