Schizoid dating narcissist

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Interestingly, what she threatens to inflict on others is what she would find most damaging and hurtful to herself.Equally interestingly, she feels criticism and humiliation intensely, even if none is intended or given, and she will fight ferociously to defend what she sees as an attack, whether or not there is one."Her regular tantrums involve swearing, shouting, intimidation and threatens.She will wear people down until, for a quieter life, they agree with her.As a rule female sociopaths are much more vicious and vendettful than man sociopaths. They can break important promises and betray the partner, if it suits their needs, with such an ease that your jaw can simply drop.You can lean a lot about female psychopath by studying politicians. As bosses they cultivate "close circle" which is often selected on the base of blind loyalty, sometimes sweetened by sex or a promise of sex "really soon". Typically, they are somewhat sadistic, especially toward women -- which means that they experience pleasure from suffering of their victims.Only a professional can diagnose a disorder, however.Scroll down past the results for recommended books that might help you.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its effects on the narcissist, the psychopath and their nearest and dearest - in 100 frequently asked questions and two essays - a total of 730 pages!

Often this is associated with childhood abuse, such as sadism, incest and like which deeply affect a child personality.

In turn, children of borderliners suffer greatly too from the intense, unpredictable, and volatile relationship with their mother.

There are also "borderline" in a sense that they can easily break or balance on boundaries, that few people dare to cross. Colloquially (especially in high school environment) they are called "drama queens".

For all practical purposes this the category (adding strong intellect) strongly overlaps with Female Sociopaths.

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