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Left to right, Cole Weidenbach, Lily Weidenbach, Tom Weidenbach, Shael De Koven Weidenbach, Bernie "Blue" De Koven, Rocky De Koven.

All his life, Bernie De Koven has been devoted to play.

She looks up and sees a little girl, CATHY, seven or eight years old, wandering off down the beach. She SCREAMS, covers her head, and SMASHES into the rear window. 89 FIVE HUNDRED FEET BELOW, an enormous wave POUNDS the rocky shore. As she stares, the rocks seem to move even farther away from her. She reaches up with her free hand and finally gets hold of the metal grating. He adjusts his angle and SCRAPES through the foliage, moving faster and faster. DIETER Easy - - wait - - one more sec - - As one, the compys SHRIEK and hurl themselves forward, covering Dieter’s body. The screams fade as Burke is carried off by the rex, but suddenly ANOTHER FIGURE bursts through the flowing water, startling them. He throws his arms around Kelly and pulls her tight.

The fire has spread and several tents are now tongues of flame flapping in the air, the animals are gone or going, and their personnel are scattered and terrified. He holds up the snapped padlock from one of the animal cages. Cut to: 65 EXT JUNGLE NIGHT SARAH races back up onto the ridge trail, where the green AAV is parked. SARAH Nick, thank God, I didn’t know if - - She opens the door. 74 INT TRAILER NIGHT Nick and Sarah are still working. SARAH (thinking) It has to be temporary, something that’ll break apart and fall off as the animal grows . 81 EXT TRAILERS NIGHT Seen from outside, the light inside the trailers clearly illuminates Sarah and Malcolm as they carry the baby rex. Outside, the enormous rex head pause for a moment, staring surprised. SARAH (softly) Born free, as free as the wind blows. In the chaos, Malcolm manages to get hold of Sarah’s pack and tears it open. Sarah falls through, SCREAMING, but Malcolm lunges - - - - AND CATCHES HER BY THE HAND! glass, food, lab equipment, and the precious satellite phone fall out of the broken window and SMASH on the rocks far below. ROLAND (cont’d) The worker village is down in there, about a mile and a half northwest from the base of these cliffs. 141 BEHIND THE WATERFALL, there is a small recess, which is what Nick had hoped for. Burke, blind with panic, forces himself even further into the cave, which pushes Kelly further out. But Burke doesn’t listen, throwing elbows to make room for himself.

It has been fifteen years since #Austin Powers was last seen in theaters, yet the International Man of Mystery and his outlandish co-stars (heroic and otherwise) remain as popular as ever.

With the resurgence of the spy genre in recent years, Austin Powers star Mike Myers and mainstay director Jay Roach have expressed their desire to bring cinema's grooviest spy back to the big screen, giving audiences another glimpse at Austin Danger Powers' signature mojo.

In typical fashion, De Koven — known widely as "Blue" for an amalgam of his first and middle names Bernard Louis — elicited laughs from the crowd of about 30 as he started to speak into the muffled mike.

PAUL BOWMAN, fortyish, sits in a chair off to the side, reading. BOWMAN, painfully thin, with the perpetually surprised look of a woman who’s had her eyes done more than once, supervises the setting of the table. Despite her fear, Sarah is trembling with excitement as well as she watches the animals move outside the windows. Sarah loses her grip and plummets through the new vertical trailer. Sarah, stunned by the fall, blinks a few times, regaining her senses. For a person with a fear of heights, this is a real drag. 93 IN THE TRAILER, Malcolm struggles mightily to haul Sarah back up. 121 IN THE JUNGLE, Dieter hears that SCURRYING sound again, this time from his right. Slowly, he brings his gun around, to point it at them. Sarah, Nick, and Kelly stare in horror as the white screen of water turns pink.

Founding father of play studies, Bernie "Blue" De Koven, center right, and his family play a game outside his Irvington home in Indianapolis, Wednesday May 10, 2017.

Blue was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease and is currently raising funds to continue his legacy by installing two Expression Swings at Ellenberger Park.

A small, lizard-like animal, dark green with brown stripes along its back, steps out from the bush. The subway doors begin to close, but just before they meet - - - - the man jams a cane in between, stopping them. He notices a CURIOUS MAN across from him staring at him. SARAH Carninthosaurus - - compsognathus - - triceratops - - pachycephalosaurus - - looks like they went for herbivores or small scavengers. Dieter and several others are knocked to the ground by the series of concussive blasts. Malcolm goes straight to the elaborate radio console and hits a series of switches. 70 INT AAV NIGHT The baby writhes on the back seat, SCREECHING. The fibula won’t heal straight, so the ankle joint can’t pivot when he stands on his hind feet. Get that baby as far away from the trailer as you can, RIGHT NOW! This one ROARS, deeply, a roar so low and loud it rattles anything in the trailer that isn’t tied down. He scoops up a tape and tries to load it with trembling hands. 87 THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD OF THE FRONT TRAILER, which is right-side-up, Nick can see the two rexes hard at it, pushing the front end of the trailer. The whole glass panel sags, bowing out around the bottom of the trailer. SARAH leans toward the metal grating, and hairline cracks shoot out around her pivot hand, snaking through the glass. It’s a waterfall, apparently right in front of a sheer rock face. He bulls his way up against the far wall, as far away from the water as he can. Now another shape bursts through the watery curtain. They squeeze as far back against the wall as they can get.

Curious, Cathy walks up to the bush, which abruptly stops moving. A tall man hurries down the platform, slowed by a limp. The Curious Man sits down next to Malcolm, grinning. VOICE waft up to them, raucous, LAUGHING, and some SINGING. The burning tent, which was the equipment tent, now detonates in a series of smaller EXPLOSIONS. CUT TO: 68 INT TRAILERS NIGHT Back at base camp, MALCOLM and Kelly come into the trailer. Kelly finds a log book on the shelf in front of him. From inside the car, we can hear the baby tyrannosaur SCREAMING in anger. SARAH Okay, there’s the metatarsals - - tibia, fibula - - there it is! Kelly, intrigued, peers closely at the monitor Sarah’s using. SARAH That little black line means death for this infant. But across the trailer, in the opposite window, ANOTHER T-REX HEAD SUDDENLY APPEARS. MALCOLM Current evidence seems to be to the contrary, wouldn’t you say?! Nick, hands shaking, grabs the shoulder video camera he used earlier. The opposite end of the trailer reaches the edge of the cliff and starts to tip ever so slightly downward. His eyes light with an idea and scrambles over to it. But as she puts pressure on her hands, the glass CRACKS even more, tiny spider webs shooting out around her fingers. He looks from her over to the satellite phone, which is precariously balance on the leg of the kitchen table, its number pad still glowing green. MALCOLM crawls down towards Sarah as fast as he can. The mood is somber, most of the MARCHERS asleep already, the nocturnal jungle HOOTING and BUZZING around them. MALCOLM I’m not going to let anything happen to you. You’re the most important thing in my life, Kelly, and I’ll do anything for you. HE bursts ahead of Sarah and Kelly and spots something off to his left. The four SCREAM as the rex’s jaws SNAP left and right, searching for them, falling just inches short.

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