Shinhwa members dating

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For more latest updates regarding promos and special events make sure to follow All Access Productions' Facebook and Twitter accounts.Text: Priscilla Wu/Photo: Shinhwa Company Facebook, Imagine Asia Website Shinhwa member Eric Mun is dating actress Na Hye Mi.But since there are always two sides to every coin, I’ve decided to enlighten our readers on the events that make the members seem less First up is Jun Jin’s erection while performing his solo track Wa in 2008.I’ve made the pics smaller in case of younger and less prepared audiences. Well, HYS got into a dispute with the crew at Myung Wol and flew back to the US while filming, leaving Eric in a compromising position as the male lead.

This entry was posted on April 8, 2012, in Uncategorized and tagged Andy Lee, awkward, embarrassing moments, Eric Mun, Jun Jin, Kim Dong-wan, Korean boy band, Lee Min-woo, Shin Hye-sung, Shinhwa, Venus. Shinhwa is the longest running South Korean boy band with no line-up changes. Reply 1997 is not complicated and weird like the other two. This drama gives me heartbteak when tae woong didnt get two girls with same characters. For sure, I'll remember this drama for a couple of days and be sad thinking about it. After watching all the drama starting from Reply 1997,1994, and 1988 in my opinion I think this is the best. The narration doesn't feel preachy, but we can totally relate to the story. This drama seems to be designed for your adults, so if you're a young-adult, please do come and watch. i dont usually rewatch a drama i already watch but i miss the characters so much (specially eunji/shi-won) that i need to see them =))) This drama is really funny daebak! I still cant get over it =))) Out of 'Reply' drama Reply 1997 is the best... Storyline and the Cast is awesome..^^~ I decided to watch because I love 3 of the main cast ... What a surprise since I initially took this drama as a joke, but I find it very beautiful and honest and touching at the same time. whoah...have i been doing for all this time that i just found out about this awesome series! Tho I'm not fan of how the story ends, this drama brings a pang in my heart. The slice of life drama bits weren't boring - FAR from boring. This very show took kdrama to another level and inspired more provoking contents to write, especially in cable TV.He was with Top Class Entertainment from 2007 to December 2013.In 2014, Mun and his manager of 10 years, Lee Jong-hyun, set up a new management agency, E&J Entertainment, for his individual activities.

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