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It’s quickly become a popular Skype alternative for gamers and anime fans.

It has, in the last year, ballooned from 3 million to 25 million users.

Over the past several weeks, Discord has also become a surprisingly effective hub for Trump supporters, members of the alt-right, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis to congregate, metastasize their political ideology, share memes, and plan out campaigns of organized harassment — largely due to the veil of real-time anonymity it offers users. The same secrecy that masks fascists and extremists provides cover for “good trolls" to lurk among them, spying on their actions and organizing, also at lighting speed, to counter them.

So sign up and check out at one of these great alternative social networks: App.net: Two of the largest complaints about Facebook are how the company gives your data to third party applications, and the way the company manipulates its News Feed to show things that aren’t necessarily updates from your friends.

____________ Aaptiv is a fitness app that gives you Answering listener questions about diet, Cross Fit vs Orange Theory, pet peeves, photography tips and all sorts of other questions! ____________ Aaptiv is a fitness app that gives you custom workouts with the voice of an elite trainer and [Todays podcast is super random.

____________ Aaptiv is a fitness app that gives you custom workouts with the voice of an elite trainer and an amazing pla Today I’m talking with the amazing Liz Wolfe about her life on the farm, being a first-time mother and growing a business in the internet space. My intent was to remind you that social media should not change how you feel about yourself or your life.

Snapchat, the picture-sharing app that automatically deletes pictures seconds after they’re sent, just added a one-on-one chat and video function similar to what Twitter and Google already have.

“People are making more intimate connections now than ever before just by chatting through a window on a screen,” Ramani Durvasula, Ph D., a Los Angeles-based psychologist at California State University, Los Angeles told Think Progress.

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