Updating intercom and radio system

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The RETRO Music Distribution and Intercom Systems are designed to update pre-existing in-wall home intercom systems – using your existing 3, 4, or 6 wire systems – for a quick and easy upgrade to a state-of-the-art multi-source music distribution system. See our optional » Bluetooth Receiver Download our » Product Literature and User Manuals » More information available on the product page" class='youtube' href="https:// Dh K8e Za4p I?

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Or if you go with a different brand- different sizes, different rough-in rings- just be prepared to do some drywall repair.Bring more security to your home with intercom features that allow you to screen visitors and to answer your door from anywhere in your home.A Nu Tone intercom system can play your favorite radio stations throughout the house creating the perfect entertainment for guests and special occasions.Before we dismantle it and repair the holes in the wall, I wanted to learn if there was any use or conversion for these things so we dont destroy a chance to use them for something. Most intercom systems still work the same way- so the wiring that is there should be good to go. Newer ones have CD players and much better speakers (not those crappy paper cone jobs).Should we buy new faceplates or something, and use them (is this possible? Usually the tuner is electronic with digital display. As far as the actual units- check the brand you have now- and see if the newer units are the same size.

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