Updating to 1 1 3 om a jailbroken iphone krakow dating

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Yes, these tips work on Mac OS and Windows, and for i Pod Touch too.

Here are the step by step directions: Step 1: Find out your IMEI number by going to Settings About. At the bottom right of the page, click on “Free simlock status check”, as showed below.Deleting these ancient apps can help to speed up your i Phone backups too, since there is less data to transfer at each backup or restore.Old apps aren’t the only thing that can slow down backups, so can media.After I backed them all up into i Photo and deleted all the originals from the phone, my i Phone backups speed improved dramatically – I went from a painfully slow four hour backup process to a more reasonable 45 minutes with this tip alone.If you aren’t using an old app anymore, delete it, there’s not much reason to keep it around on your i Phone anymore.

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