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This Required Field Validator forces the user to enter text into the control associated with the validator. If you want to make sure the user changes a default value placed into the control, set the control’s Text value and the Initial Value property of the Required Field Validator to the same value.The associated control is set by right clicking on the validator and selecting Properties from the context menu. The rest of the validation controls provided by ASP.go to visual studio - Toolbox - Validation - regular experssion validator drag and drop it where you want error message appear , then set it's " control to validate " property with your textbox id then set the "error message " property to needed error the important step : you need to set "Validation Expresison " to needed REGEX : Only for integer numbers use this : ^\d$ only for text yse this : ^[a-z A-Z]* or ^\D* hope it's help.The value can be an integer or float, but it has to be numeric. Alternatively you can use Zend_Validate_Callback (2) with is_numeric (3) function, so it will be something like this: $validator = new Zend_Validate_Callback('is_numeric'); [1] Sudheer Satyanarayana Sorry, but Zend_Validate_Int will return false on any float values.I tried using Zend_Validate_Float and Zend_Validate_Digits, but they don't seem to suit my needs. Greetings Thomas Weidner, I18N Team Leader, Zend Framework Original Message ----- From: "Aleksey Zapparov" Thanks for the quick response, Aleksey.I found I could enter that field via script and input a non-numeric character trough an input field from a custom dialog box! I have to be shore the user will input only numeric data.Hello, I want to make sure the user has input numeric value in a text form field. S Tech stuff: Hello, To test if string is integer or float, you should use Zend_Validate_Int (1).

The following table introduces some popular values that are defined by various countries.regards You may want to consider using some of the Validator classes that are available within ASP.NET Web Forms such as the Required Field Validator and Regular Expression Validator classes.All the tests were similar to this: Private Sub btn Validate String_Click( By Val sender As System. Before accepting data from over the network you need to ensure all of the required fields have been filled out and conform to your formats and business rules. NET provides a number of validation controls to ease the burden of performing validation on both sides of the network. To walk along with the example, create a new web application in Visual Studio . Once the application is setup, right click on the empty web form, select Properties from the context menu, and change the Page Layout property to Flow Layout. Notice we need to check the Is Valid property of the base class before performing any critical action in the submit event.

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