Validating package payload ideneb

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Note A device cannot be targeted by more than one firmware update package.

If a device is targeted by a firmware update package which also includes system firmware, it cannot be targeted by a second firmware update package which only targets the device.

The ozzo-validation package mainly includes a set of validation rules and two validation methods.

You use validation rules to describe how a value should be considered valid, and you call either will run through the rules in the order that they are listed.

Once the request payload is parsed and available, the validation procedure gets kicked off.At the same time, JVAX also helps to make the applications that use it more reliable and maintainable.JVAX uses a sophisticated mechanism to describe the payload rules.This article presents a solution architecture that addresses problems that can occur when interactions between a cloud service and its consumers require verification and conversion of a Java Script Object Notation (JSON) payload.The architecture — which we call JVAX (JSON Verification and Conversion/Transformation) — uses a configurable JSON schema for verification and conversion.

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