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If you uninstall the old version first, you will need to restart your computer before starting the new installer.

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For the old version of e Donkey simply point e Mule's folder for temporary files to the same one that has been used in e Donkey, or move the partfiles to your e Mule temp-folder when e Mule is not running.It's not always obvious that a firewall even exists as they generally allow regular web traffic to pass normally.If you have temporarily disabled all firewalls that you know of and continue to have this problem, then it's almost certainly a firewall that you aren't aware of.There is really limited protection that people can put into place to protect themselves, because Microsoft won't be patching the [default] browser, Internet Explorer 6, or the OS." Microsoft will be publicizing security holes that get fixed in Windows Vista, 7 and 8.Unfortunately, many of those holes will exist in XP too, with the result that malicious hackers will have a Microsoft-drawn treasure map to XP exploitation.

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